Available with Touch Pro only, Connect Pro consists of Wi-Fi Hotspot, Remote Premium, InControl Apps, and Pro Services, and is designed to enhance your in-car and out-of-car experience, ensuring you and your passengers enjoy the journey whilst remaining connected to the world.


How can I change which information is shown in the multi-tasking panel?
Why am I asked for my date of birth as part of the Navigation Account registration process?
Can the web browser be used while the vehicle is in motion?
Pinch to zoom is available while in navigation but doesn’t appear to function in the browser?
How can I access the Route Planner website?
When parked by the side of a busy road, why do I sometimes receive vehicle in motion alerts and lose access to features?


What’s the difference between a navigation profile and an Navigation Account?
How do I create an Navigation Account?
How do I share my estimated time of arrival (ETA)?
How is the safety camera database updated?
Can I use the contacts list from my connected smartphone to share my estimated time of arrival (ETA)?
Do I need to enter my phone number or email address to send ETA/place/location notifications?
What is Arrival Mode?
Once I’ve parked my vehicle, how can I continue the journey from my smartphone?


What is Connect Pro?
Which features require a valid subscription?
How long is my subscription valid for?
How can I find out how much time I have left on my current subscription?
Will I be able to renew my subscription?
Which features and services are included with Connect Pro?
Do I need a SIM card to connect my vehicle to the Internet?
What are the advantages of the vehicle’s data connection over my smartphone’s data connection?
Why is there a delay between starting the engine and the system connecting to the Internet?
Which features require internet connectivity?
What’s the difference between Hotspot and Wi-Fi in the connectivity settings menu?
Are there settings to help me manage data roaming when driving outside of my home country?
The 3G icon is showing in the upper corner of the Touchscreen, so why are some connected features unavailable?
How much data should I budget for on a monthly basis?
Can I monitor or limit data usage?

As we roll out InControl, specific features described may be optional, and market or powertrain dependent. Please consult your country-specific Land Rover website or local Land Rover Retailer for availability and full terms in your country. Certain features require an appropriate SIM with a suitable data contract, which will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.




InControl is a suite of services and applications that connects you to your vehicle and links you seamlessly, and securely, with the outside world.


We are happy to help with any queries or tell you more about InControl.


When you register for Protect, or start using Touch Pro or InControl Apps, you will be asked to accept our legal terms and policies. For more information, these can be accessed below: